Our polythene products vary across a wide range and whatever kind of packaging you need, you are sure to get it from us.

Our Range:

Plain & Printed Bags

These bags are made for consumable products. Our plain and printed bags package milk, confectionaries, bread, fish, chicken, etc.

Carrier Bags

We manufacture high quality carrier and shopping bags which can be custom made by branding them with your company name or whichever message you would like to appear on the bag.

Refuse Bags

We manufacture high quality refuse bags from recycled polythene. These bags are durable and offer value for money and come in different sizes and specifications

Plain and Printed Flower sleeves

Our plain and printed micro-perforated flower sleeves can withstand long distances and ensure long life for your flowers.

Industrial Packaging Films

Our packaging films are made specifically for shrink wrapping and detergent packing.

Garment Bags

These polythene bags are made for packaging garments and clothing material directly from the factory.

Biodegradable bags

Biodegradable bags are a great alternative to regular bags in that they do not harm the environment during their whole life-cycle. Made from 100% natural materials, they decompose naturally when discarded.

Laminated Pouches

You can be confident that all your food products will be delivered in quality laminated packaging that is ideal for packing crisps, biscuits and labeling beverage bottles.

Construction Sheeting

Used in the construction industry as a roof cover; comes in black, clear and yellow colors

Micro Perforated Bags

Used in the export of vegetables